about us

We embrace different concepts & uniqueness of each property as one of owner's own creative ideas & dreams

Premier Hospitality Asia

Formerly known as Premier Hospitality Management, has been established in 2010, and was rebranded into Premier Hospitality Asia (PHA) in 2013, specializes in boutique villas and resorts and offers the unrivalled standards of service and quality.

Over the time, Premier’s extensive portfolio rapidly increases into numerous luxury villa estates, boutique resorts, hotels and residential properties across Indonesia, such as in the paradise island of Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, West Java and also in Malaysia.

Joining Premier’s main office in Bali, regional offices are now established in Singapore (Premier Hospitality Asia – Singapore Pte. Ltd) and Malaysia (Premier Hospitality Asia Malaysia Sdn. Bhd)



Is within ourselves. It is the sense of belonging that comes from the heart. Passion is the basic fundamental, the habit to consistently focus, contribute and passionately deliver the service of excellence and experiences to our guests.


Is the strength to go beyond the ordinary. From different backgrounds and experiences, strength-to-strength to complement each other and consistently deliver positive measurable results for the success.


Is the core to consistently deliver efficient and effective positive results.


We absorb the key factors in operational of the unit thus there will be no unnecessary position hired.

Sales & Marketing

  • We provide worldwide online branding opportunities and support, as well as sales and marketing online channels
  • We hold a strong offline and online sales team, aiming to generate more direct booking

Human Resources

  • We offer competitive salary package to potential talents with opportunity to develop multi-tasking capability
  • We limit permanent employee for key positions only to control fixed cost


  • We use good value material in operational and consistently controlling the quality
  • We consistently developing the system for efficiency through SOPs and Manuals


We think it’s good business to do good. We’re working hard to be good.
more clients come from a stable service quality.


President Director

Graduated from the Prestigeous University of Sydney, Australia in 2004 with a double degree in Political Economy and Management, Caroline gained experiences in both areas of Property Law and Property Advisory with Etherington Solicitors and Suncorp Metway, respectively.After more than 10 years in Sydney, Caroline returned to Indonesia, where she has had a considerable impact on all aspects of hotels and resorts project developments, management, project marketer and consultancy,which brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Premier Hospitality Asia team.View details »


Corporate General Manager

Rasmini graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bali in the year of 2000 and had been exploring hospitality industry ever since prior to joining Premier Hospitality Asia in April 2014 as Assistant Director of Sales with specialty in online sales (e-commerce).She possesses a vast and comprehensive experience, and had worked for prominent companies such as goindonesia.com and HIS, and that experiece has elevated her into a further qualification. Hence she was promoted to be Corporate General Manager within less than a year of her service at Premier Hospitality Asia.View details »


Corporate Director of Human Resources

Graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran in the year of 2004, bachelor in psychology and profession of psychology. Her passion in human resources has been delivering her this far. Commenced as a trainer in Central Asia Raya Life Insurance and developed her career within the company for 9 years prior joining Premier Hospitality Asia. Her objective is to implement her comprehensive knowledge and skill in psychology to Human Resources Department by using psychology tools, interview method, analysis, training and development, counseling, as well as leadership skill in the corporate environment.View details